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Well here we are, over a week since the Olympics have ended and nary a peep from me on what was going on here.  Well, it was exciting and I'm not just talking about the hockey or the curling.  

First of all, I know I speak for many people when I say how proud I am of our Olympic athletes - every one.  Just to be part of the Olympic team takes a huge amount of dedication and work.  It is something to be very proud of.  

I did spend a lot of time glued to the television and streaming video on my computer and listening to the radio to keep up-to-date on how our athletes were doing.  My favourite sports to watch were the curling and the hockey.  I don't usually watch NHL hockey, but Olympic hockey is completely different - no fights, smart, fast hockey.  And the curling, well let's just say I couldn't possibly position those rocks that accurately.

My Olympic knitting was the Scatness Tunic by Kate Davies from her book Colours of Shetland.  Here was the scene the night before the Opening Ceremonies

I got all the yarn together as well as the pattern (which I had read several times) and the necessary needles.  Then, with the Opening Ceremonies, I cast on and knit like fury!  By the Closing Ceremonies, this is what my Scatness Tunic looked like

I had finished the body, sleeves and yoke colour work and was almost finished the neck.  

Today, I have finished the neck (but not the neck ribbing), grafted the underarms, unzipped the provisional cast on at the bottom to prepare for finishing, cast off the bottom of the steek stitches and I'm ready to cut the steek.  Now I need a period of relative calm to actually do the cutting.  Soon, my pretties, soon.

Today, my Scatness Tunic looks like this

Not much different, but we are progressing.

The other exciting news is that Sheeps Ahoy has moved.  We are still in my home but now we occupy a room at the very base of the stairs leading to the finished downstairs.  It is a bigger space and much less intimidating to get to.  I have posted pictures to the carrousel on the Sheeps Ahoy home page of the new space.  As before, please call ahead if you wish to come over and shop.  This is part of our home.

Stay warm and keep knitting.

Written by Debbie Wilson — March 05, 2014


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