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Well I thought I should give you a little taste of what's on my needles.  My main project right now is Puffin from Kate Davies book Colours of Shetland.  You didn't think there was only one project on my needles, did you?!

I will confess that there is a lot of black stocking stitch in this project.  Here we have one completed sleeve and the body almost done to the point of adding the sleeve:

I have taken to singing when I pick up this knitting (sung to the tune of '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall'):

99 rounds of black stockinette,

99 rounds of black.

Knit one round, slip the marker and then,

98 rounds of black stockinette.

98 rounds of black stockinette,

98 rounds of black. 


George is not very impressed by my singing:

There is something that is really keeping me motoring on this project.  Take a look at what's coming up after I finish the second sleeve:

And, if you were wondering, yes both the book and yarn kit for this sweater are available from Sheeps  Ahoy.

Written by Debbie Wilson — September 19, 2013


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