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We are having a difficult time right now.  Yesterday we said goodbye to our dear friend Lucky.  

Lucky has been a part of our family since the day he was born.  His mother, Sunshine, was a rottweiller-mix dog we adopted from the local Humane Society.  Weeks later she blessed us with a litter of 11 puppies.  We always had a special place in our hearts for Lucky.  His birth was difficult and he was too weak to breathe at first.  With our help, he was able to breathe and then nurse on his own.  Despite his difficult beginning, he grew to be the handsome boy you see in these pictures.

Lucky always had an intensely thoughtful look about him.  You would look up from whatever you were doing and catch him looking at you as if he was trying hard to figure out what you were doing and how he could be a part of it.

He had a calm disposition and a easy-going attitude.  He was happy just to be at your side whether on a walk, on the deck or in the living room.  He was great for taking on walks.  I seldom used a leash as he loved to wander but was always ready to come to my side if I called him to 'heal'.  I would often whisper to him, 'You're the best dog', he was such an easy dog to work with.  Often when I watered the garden, Lucky would walk by my side - out of the fenced in yard and back again - just we two, taking care of what needed doing.

Even though he had a mellow attitude, he was one for making his wishes known.  He would 'talk' - muttering at you until he got his point across.  I remember one walk when Lucky was 'talking' to me so much the owner of the Newfoundlander walking ahead of us had to turn around.  "He certainly likes to talk.  I guess they want to play." was the response of the Newf's owner.  We agreed to let both dogs off leash so they could sniff and play to their hearts' content.  Lucky was overjoyed (and so was the Newf).  

Lucky's biggest claim-to-fame was his appreciation of my pancakes.  Each Sunday I would make pancakes (from scratch - I had the recipe memorized) for all of us.  I saved enough pancake batter at the end to make a small pancake for each of our dogs (often we had 2 dogs).  Once everyone had finished eating, Mike (husband) would take the small pancakes to the back door where both dogs would be sitting, waiting for their treat.  And often, Lucky would be sporting an erection - the pancakes were just that good.

In the end, Lucky picked his time.  It was our other dog, George, a black lab and Lucky's constant companion who alerted us to Lucky's changing condition very early yesterday morning.  Lucky was unable to get up and in some pain.  He refused all food, including cheese or turkey or steak.  We couldn't even get his pain medication into him.  He was ready to go.  

We called the vet, who came to the house.  Lucky died at home, with me by his side, quietly and calmly.  Godspeed Lucky-dog.  You were the best dog.

Written by Debbie Wilson — October 05, 2013


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