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Knitwear Design Workshop - Shirley Paden

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From the initial spark of inspiration to the sewing of the last seam, Shirley Paden now lays out an expert foundation of the knitwear design process.  Knitwear Design Workshop offers a complete guide for creating one-of-a-kind garments including:

- How to identify the right yarn for particular garment design and pattern stitches

- Lessons on how to design double-tapered, single-tapered, and reverse-tapered garments with sleeves or sleeve caps that fit

- How to best use a stitch pattern to achieve the finished look

- A clearer understanding of commercial pattern instructions and how to modify them for your perfect garment

- Ways to improve your attention to detail with a meaningful test swatch

- Stronger knowledge of proper body or garment measurements

- And much more!

Plus, Paden demonstrates her master techniques through four new projects, taking knitters beyond commercial patterns and into designing their own traditional knitwear or creating stunning works of wearable art.  A must-have reference for your knitting library!


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