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Two-End Knitting by Anne-Maj Ling

A Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as "Twined Knitting" - From Basics to New Refinements & Designs - 

From the back cover - "Anne-Maj Ling was born in the small northern town of Kramfors, Sweden.  She did not engage in any handcrafts until after her marriage in 1967 when she learned to spin and dye wool and a neighbour taught her to knit.  After a basic course in Two-End Knitting in 1980 (Tvåändsstickning in Swedish, or Twined Knitting as it has been known in the U. S.), it became her favourite technique.  Anne-Maj has explored and developed this traditional fabric to achieve exciting new designs and refinements.  She and her husband live on a croft in Sweden and run a small business.


Hello and welcome to Sheeps Ahoy. We hope you enjoy browsing our site. Sheeps Ahoy is a small home-based business designed for knitters who love fair isle, lacework, design or something just a little different.

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